About Us

The Kessler’s® Story

It all started with a young German with his briefcase. Horst Kessler von Sprengeisen knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him when he came to the Philippines in 1968 to establish his own trading company. With a strong will and optimism, he knocked at every businessman’s door to offer them only high-quality products to improve their businesses.

Rooting from the same principle, KESSLER’S® products promise to give only the best quality food ingredients to improve every chef or baker’s work of art. Because we believe that every passion needs the right ingredients to be perfected.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver the best quality products through our passion in for the food industry. With our products and support, we aim to help aspiring small businesses, home bakers, and chefs to master their craft and excel in their passion.

Our Mother Company

KESSLER’S® is one of the new in-house brands of HAMBURG Trading Corporation, a German-managed trading company in the Philippines. For more than 50 years, HAMBURG Trading focused on serving industrial-level companies in the country in the food raw materials, laboratory reagents, refractory materials, and wood laminates sectors. In 2018, HAMBURG Trading Corp saw the untapped and underserved potential of micro and small food enterprises in the Philippines, craving for quality, consistent and affordable food raw ingredients in the market. With the launch of KESSLER’S® and Kessler’s Kitchen, HAMBURG Trading Corporation has yet again showed that every passion deserves the quality it needs to be perfected

Our Premium Authorized Retailers

KESSLER’S® is now available in more than 50 baking stores with our premium and regular authorized retailers nationwide.


Passionate bakers or chefs are always in search for the best premium ingredient to perfect their art. With KESSLER’S®, you can aim for perfection while being part of a community of sharing, learning, and giving back.

KESSLER’S® signature series of baking demos with added interdisciplinary seminars for the baking community

KESSLER’S® Collection of baking recipes perfected by, or created with respected industry experts.

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